What kind of structure is Automatic Renewal?

ebook5.net requests you for the Automatic Renewal of the Plan.

For Example:If you have registered for the PERSONAL 1 plan with one month payment then the plan will be automatically renewed after passing of one month if you do not apply for any withdrawals within the contract period.

Payment Cycle:
You have to pay the charge(according to the period of the plan)of the first time during the contract.The charge of the Month of application will be free.
After that,If the cancellation is not performed within the contract period,you will be automatically billed with the charge for the contract period at the beginning of the month following the contract month.

Reference:Terms of Use
*[2.7Payment(In the case of monthly payment)],[2.8Payment(In the case of yearly payment]

Application of Withdrawal:
In case of withdrawal,please apply within the last day of the previous month to the desired month of Withdrawal.
The methods of withdrawal are as below:

First, Sign In through the Administration Screen then click the [My Account] on the upper right side and proceed to the Contract Information.
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Click the [Withdraw ebook5.net] button in the [Status] Item which is on the upper left.For Contact See Here.

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