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Terms of use



# About ebook5.net

ebook5.net is a Web Service.

It is a web Service that can create and distribute e-book which operates in the Browser.It is possible to view all the source codes developed by our company for the Web service.For that purpose,it is necessary to protect our company`s rights on your goodwill as well as the rights to distribute the contents using ebook5.net at the same time.

This Terms of Use refers to the agreement between all the users(you),including Individual or Organization and ebook5.net service provider Luler Inc.(our company)..If you are not able to accept this agreement then you cannot use this service.Using either of this service will mean that you have read,understood and accepted the agreement.


1.1What is a Book
Book is the ecatalogue viewer web application created in this service.It is the name of the configuration file set.
1.2What is an Update
Update is to make improvements or bug fixes in a small scale to the current version.Release of the update can be determined by a change of the decimal point in the version number.For example:When X.1 is changed from X.2,it means that it has been updated.
1.3What is an Upgrade
Upgrade means to make improvements in a Large scale to the Key features of a software or any New functions and bring functional advancements.Release of an Upgrade can be determined by a change of the decimal point in the version number.For example:when 4.X is changed from 5.X,it means that it has been upgraded.

2.Terms of Use

2.1Service contents
Major functions usable in this service are as below:
  1. Book dedicated shared server service
  2. Administration Panel(Account management,Book creation,Edit function etc)
2.2Apply to Use
You can start this service through any one of the following ways.Email address is required to apply.You cannot apply for multiple contracts,if the mail address has been already under contract.
  1. By the Application Form
  2. In a way that Regular sales partners present
2.3Cancellation of application
After application,if it is found that it falls under any one of the following then our company will cancel it.
  1. Applying with the false content
  2. In the past,if you have violated the terms and have faced termination or suspension of the service
  3. If our company concludes it as a hinderance in the service
2.4Date of availability
You can use the Free Trial right away after application.In case of Pay plan,you can use it once after our company confirms the Payment.
2.5Period of Use
There is no limited periods in Free trial.However,if you apply for the withdrawal from the administration panel or if there is no use in the determined period of time as in the contract then all datas such as account informations will be deleted.In case of Pay plan,if the application and payment is confirmed by the last day of every month,then the period of use will be set as selected during the application counted from the first day of the next month.
For Pay plan please check the prices from here.
Please make your payments as determined by our company.
There is a possibility to revise the plan and content rate of pay plan for a variety of reasons. The revised fee will be applied at the time of renewal
2.7Payment(In case of monthly payment)
If you select the monthly payment then you have to pay the charge for the first one month(month of application will be free).In case of cancellation,if it is not done within the contract period then the charge for one month will be automatically deducted(from your bank account)early next month.Again,you may not be able to select monthly payment by the policy of the sales partners.
2.8Payment(In case of yearly payment)
If you select one year payment then you have to pay the charge for first one year(month of application will be free).In case of cancellation, if it is not done within the contract period then the charge for one year will be automatically deducted(from your bank account) early of the first month in the following year.
2.9Change of Plan
At present,changing of plans cannot be performed.
In order to terminate the use of this service,you will have to send a withdrawal request through the Administration screen and also you have to cancel the regular payments.But the returns and refunds cannot be done even if the period of use is remained during the Withdrawal.
ebook5.net is available 24/7 throughout the year.However,in the following cases service might be suspended partially or entirely for a required period.
  1. System Inspection:In this case,except in Emergency you will be informed by publishing a statement in the Web site or through email.
  2. If a defect occurs in the system which is used to provide the service.
  3. If an unavoidable defect occurs in the telecommunication facilities in or out of our company.
  4. If there is a need to take measures to the defect caused by the intentional negligence of the third party.
  5. If it becomes difficult to provide service due to the failure of the manufacturer operating the Telecommunication suspends to provide the Telecommunication Services.
  6. If our company concludes for the necessary operational and technical suspension of the service.
Our company is not responsible for any damage caused to the users and third parties by the suspension of the service due to above reasons.
2.12Managing accounts
You are responsible for managing the informations that has the authority related to the confidential informations such as Passwords and Account ID issued by our company in order to use this service.You are not allowed to share your account informations with the third party and also rent,transfer,changing names,buying and selling of informations is not allowed.You will solely be responsible for the damage caused to the User or the Third party by the inadequate management of Account informations,misusing,such as unauthorized usage by the third party etc.
2.13Your Creation
Ownership of the image files included in the book created by you on this service belongs to you.However,our company does not take responsbility for it`s protection.In addition,concerning to the book you have created and published,you have the whole responsibility regarding yourself and third parties.Regardless of whether the book is published and also concerning to it`s confidentiality,our company will not take responsibility for protection.
You must not commit the following acts.In case,if our company detects it then we may end or suspend the relation with you(see5.2).
  1. Unauthorized selling,transfer,licensing,disclosure,distribution to the third party.
  2. Publication of the contents related to Sex,Adult Dating etc.
  3. Act of giving a High Load to the Server.
  4. Violation of the Agreement.
see also 4.Compliance and 5.Termination,Intermission,suspension
If damage occurs to you due to our company`s fault or if the company does not provide you the service (cases in 2.11 or 5.2 is not included)then our company can compensate about 1/12th of the contract plan charge.


3.1Our Rights
Our company helds all rights including all intellectual property rights except 2.13 your creation.
3.2Rights of the Third Party
The contents and source codes contained in this service includes property of the company and it`s affiliated companies and open source library.Intellectual property rights of all of them belongs to our company and it`s affiliated companies and the maker.The protected contents cannot be reproduced without the explicit permission of our company.Again,it`s not possible to take actions which interfere or endanger these rights.
3.3Secondary use of Public Information
Informations publicized by you (name or service name,not the personal information prescribed in 8.privacy policy) are premised to be handled properly by our company within this service or in the ads related and agreement for posting and for the secondary use.


You cannot perform the following acts:
  1. Acts that infringe on the Copyrights of others,
  2. Acts that infringe the privacy and property of others,
  3. Acts of slander and defamation of others,
  4. Act to put the links to the sites containing sexual matters,pornography,or adult dating ,
  5. Acts related to the criminal activities or it`s factors,
  6. Acts against the public order and morality,
  7. Acts causing obstruction to the service managed by our company or damage trust,
  8. Any other acts that violate the Law and Regulations,
  9. Act of violation of the Terms of Use.


Our company may terminate or have intermission of whole or partial parts of the service due to various circumstances and situations.In that case,we will inform you about the consequences through email or posting on the Website.In these cases,we will not be responsible for the damage caused to you or any third parties.
5.2Termination and Suspension of the relaionship with you
In the following cases our company may either terminate or suspend the relationship with you at any time by blocking your account informations or access to the service.We will not take any responsibilities for the damage caused to you and any other third parties.
  1. In case you are violating the Terms of use or if our company encloses a reasonable doubt to an extent,
  2. If you are not able to pay the charges determined in the Terms of Use,
  3. If our company has a reasonable doubts that you are using your account informations fraudulently or any other third party is using your account informations fraudulently.
  4. If you purchase,use or import this service entirely or partially from the unapproved resellers.
5.3Result of Termination
If we terminate the relationship with you then following results occur:
  1. All licenses related to this service will be terminated,
  2. The use of the service will be terminated immediately,
5.4Delete Account Information
Our company has rights to delete the account informations that has not been used for more than a year for the free trial and the account informations suspended by the Terms of Use.


You have to agree to indemnify from any liabilities for any punitive damages caused directly,indirectly,incidentally,exceptionally,consequently,by the use of the service to our company,it`s officers,employees,agents,subsidiaries,our other partners and affiliates.
6.2Unsecure and Unguarantee
This service does not secure or guarantee either explicitly or implicitly as it is provided in present condition.Our company also does not Secure or Guarantee that it does not infringe the rights of the third party,merchantibility,or it`s compatibility for a particular purpose regardless of whether it is explicit or implicit.
Performance,Installation,Quality,Program Errors involved with the use of this service also loss of datas or software programs or any such interruptions are meant to bear yourself.The determination of suitability concerned to this service should be performed on your own.You have to bear all the risks involved on it`s use.Again,our company will not perform individual processing and transfer of datas for you in any case.
6.4Protection of our company
You will have to understand and agree that if you have violated this Terms of Use and infringed the rights of the third party(includes intellectual property rights) and in case the third party files any claim against our companythen you will have to exempt our company from any damages,loss,costs(includes reasonable legal bill).


Please refer to the following support informations about this service:
  1. FAQ http://com.ebook5.net/en/
  2. Inquiry Form https://sv1.wmsj.ne.jp/~ebook5.net/en/cs/form/

8.Privacy Policy

You will have to agree to the following Privacy Policy(http://www.luler.jp/en/company/privacy_policy/) on the basis of which our company deals with the Personal Informations.


9.1Change of Agreement
By informing you through the Email or posting on the Website,our company can change the contents in the Agreement.These changes will be effective until the end of the Service.
9.2Update and Upgrade
This service (includes Program Source) can update and upgrade without a prior notice.When performing the Updates and Upgrades you will be notified through the Website.
You can put a link from your Website to https://www.ebook5.net/ .In that case,please use a proper way so that our company also becomes secured.You cannot use this service and website related to our company by calling in the Frame.
9.4Electronic Distribution
You will have to agree to the electronic distribution of notices,policies,change of terms and Transaction records with our company by posting on the Website or through Email.
9.5Relationship with the Individual contract
This agreement is the complete configuration of the agreement between you and our company concerning to your use of the service.This agreement is also a replacement to the previous individual contracts and agreements existed concerning to the service.
You cannot transfer these agreements or rights and obligations included in it.It is possible for our company to transfer this agreement or rights and obligations included,to the third party without a prior notice.
You have to understand,accept and agree that if our company is unable to provide all or a part of the service then it does not mean our company to breach it`s obligations to you of this Agreement.

This Terms of Use is controlled and interpreted according to the Law of Japan.